Well would you believe it, Futura has gotten married.

And frankly we’re delighted. Our new spouse is a splendid design team formerly known … read more

# What

Futura is a creative agency based in Bristol.

We specialise in brand consultancy, user-centred web design, printed literature, standards-compliant programming and angst-free … read more

#1 SEX

The joy of keywords

Not so many years ago, before the great behemoths policed cyberspace, ‘sex’ was the … read more

# Banana’s

A plea to the nation’s greengrocers and upholders of justice

I’m one of those people who believe that the incorrect use of punctuation will … read more

#403 Forbidden

'403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it'

That’s the message I saw on logging out of a new Twitter account today. … read more


Yes, we have no bananas … would an AK47 do?

Here’s a quick quiz. Q – Spot the odd one out: bananas, fossils, weapons, … read more