Well would you believe it, Futura has gotten married.

And frankly we’re delighted. Our new spouse is a splendid design team formerly known by the name of Love For Rent. We’d known eachother for years and always got on great, but then we had a night on the beer (you know how it goes) and started to talk about properly getting together. For a while we just did the co-habiting thing, but then we went for full commitment.

Why? Because they have the same passion for design that we do, a fascination for the best way of doing things, and having more hands on deck makes us more diverse and responsive. We challenge and complement eachother’s thinking in a way that we reckon adds a nice twist of spice to a good recipe.

Of course, being progressive thinkers we decided that we couldn’t just do the traditional thing and take eachother’s names, so we created a new one …. welcome to Rebel & Slaughter.